BTT is currently seeking partnerships and licensing opportunities with doctors, research facilities, clinics, distributors, and medical device-related companies both in the US and globally.

It takes only 60 minutes from harvesting the stem cells to injecting them into the patient.

Harvesting fat tissue

Isolating stem cells

Injecting with Viper™Catheter

Drug Delivery: If you need the Viper™Catheter for the delivery of drugs, stem cells, hydrogels or other agents for minimally invasive procedures BTT would like to speak with you.

Regenerative Therapy Office: If you want to establish a regenerative therapy office, BTT can help.

Testing Your Agent: If you have a therapeutic delivery agent and need to test its properties or feasibility, consider a partnership with BTT. In vitro knowledge of an agent is not enough to assert superiority and compete with other agents. The best way to prove the value of your agent is to test it in vivo or ex vivo, with a Viper™Catheter.

Good test results provide confidence in your agent, and pave the way for the next step in your business. Improve and market your agent better by ex vivo or in vivo testing:

Learn the strengths and weakness of your product.

Substantiate features, properties, and practical and therapeutic uses.

Establish injectability, viscosity, and other behaviors for hydrogels, polymers, and other viscous material.

Study your product’s potential and productivity, including knowledge of the agent’s deliverability, its survivability from shear stress during the long tube passage, and its successful implantation into the target tissue (a hostile area for engraftment and viability).

Through BTT’s connections with animal labs, we can help you organize and design your study. If you have already designed a study, we can discuss and may provide Viper™Catheters for your use free of charge.

Combining Your Agent with the Viper™Catheter for Therapeutic Use: If you want to expand the market for your agent, we can partner with you and together offer your product, delivered via the Viper™Catheter, to our affiliated hospitals in some countries. For this, we can help organize a week or longer large animal study to test the efficacy and symbiosis of the combined products.

Contact us today for a potential collaboration or partnership, or if you have any questions or suggestions. BTT would also be happy to discuss your needs for pre-clinical or clinical testing.

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